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St Nicholas Suns Basketball Club

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Men 2004/2005


SN (St Nicholas) Suns Runners up Season 2004/05

Suns Lost 3 games to 2 against Mosta.
This is the first time Suns Made it to the finals.
Next Event
St Nicholas Suns Basketball Club Presentation
Date -3rd June 2005
Venue-Westin Dragonara (Reef Club)
Price-Lm6.50 Adults
For booking  contact us by sending  your details by E mail.  

Congratulations Suns:
Our Team came 3rd after winning two important Games against Mosta and Floriana respectivly.
Now Suns Will Face Floriana in a best out of five Semi Final.

The Saints lost first Game but recovered the Second:
After Loosing the first Game with 20 points (61-41) SUNS equilized buy winning the second encounter 37-32.


3rd Game-SN Suns 44-Floriana 48.
This game saw both team struggling till the end.At the end of the second quarter Floriana lead by only two points 23-21.
In the third quarter the saints where able to make a run of 15-2 and at the end of this session Suns where leading buy two points ,34-36.
The last quarter was won by Floriana 14-8 after the games changed hand several times.
Final score SN Suns 44-Foriana 48. 

4th game;Suns equilized by winning 54-44.
Suns equilized 2-2 after winning last friday (15th April).

Playoffs 5th Game:Suns reached the final after winning a thrilling games against Floriana 52-54.


For the Qualifing rounds see below

Known by the Malta Basketball Assosiation as SN Suns Edit Text

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St Nicholas Suns Edit Text

New Emblem for St Nicholas Suns Edit Text

This is the new Emblem for our team created in November 2004. Edit Text

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League Games played
1st round
21 Nov 2004  SN Suns vs Floriana            52-44
24 Nov 2004  Qormi    vs SN Suns            65-40
5  Dec 2004  SN Suns vs Mellieha            41-48
11 Dec 2004  Mosta    vs SN Suns           45-57
2nd round
9  Jan 2005   Floriana   vs SN Suns            57-39
14 Jan 2005  SN Suns   vs Qormi               50-54
21 Jan 2005  Mellieha   vs SN Suns            52-62
6  Feb 2005  SN Suns   vs Mosta               64-70
3rd round
25 Feb 2005  SN Suns  vs Floriana             57-46
6  Mar  2005  Qormi     vs SN Suns             68-31
13 Mar 2005  SN Suns  vs Mellieha             52-37
16 Mar 2005  Mosta     vs SN Suns            59-64
St Nicholas Suns qualified for the play offs
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SN SUNS Edit Text

St Nicholas Suns players and coaches for season 2004/2005.
No 4.Jason Sean Spiteri
No 5.Adrian Camilleri
No 6.David Gonzi
No 7.Robert John Camilleri
No 8.Albert Borg
No 9.Norbert Borg
No10.Mark Schembri
No11.Gordon Bugeja
No12.Rodrick Buhagar
No13.Reno Camilleri
No14.Kenneth Genovese
No15.Angelo Bantick
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Elton Baldacchino and Vince Spiteri Edit Text


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